Book Babies: In the Garden

My Book Babies theme for the month of June is In the Garden. This week, we focused on Berries. This was a fun storytime! Jamberry, in particular, is always one of my favorite books to read for the 0-2 age range. The rhyming, rhythm and colorful illustrations keep the babies engaged and interested.

The books we read this week:

  1. Jamberry, by Bruce Degen
  2. The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear, by Don and Audrey Wood

The songs we sang this week:

  1. We Clap and Sing Hello
  2. Up, Down, Turn Around
  3. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  4. Picked a Strawberry
  5. Little Raindrops Falling Down
  6. Itsy, Bitsy Spider
  7. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  8. Put Your Hands Up High
  9. The Elevator Song
  10. This is the Way We Clap Our Hands
  11. Bubble, Bubble, Pop!
  12. Bubbles in the Air

Puppet Activity:

Five Little Teddies

Five Little Teddies:

Five little teddies sitting on a wall, five little teddies sitting on a wall,

and if one little teddy should have to fall, there’d be four little teddies

sitting on the wall…

For this puppet activity, I used this video as my inspiration: Three Brown Teddies. I made the finger puppets out of felt and embroidery floss. I did a Google search for a teddy bear template and used the one I liked the best. I wanted to use my bear puppets because both berry books included a bear character.

Flannel Board Activity:

Five Red Strawberries

Five Red Strawberries:

Five red strawberries, sweet to the core.
Bear came and ate one and then there were four.

Four red strawberries, growing near a tree.
Bear came and ate one and then there were three.

Three red strawberries, for you and you and you.
Bear came and ate one and then there were two.

Two red strawberries, sitting in the sun.
Bear came and ate one and then there was one.

One red strawberry, left all alone.
Bear came and ate it and then there were none.

I was inspired by Storytime Katie’s Flannel Friday post. You can find it here: Flannel Friday, Strawberries! I made my strawberries out of construction paper, and covered them with contact paper, then glued pieces of felt to the back, so they would stick to the flannel board.

And, of course, we ended with bubbles. Gotta have the bubbles!



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